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Dig deep into the government’s budget, releases, projects, and works!
Learn where your taxes go, explore projects near you, and leave feedback.


Find the projects you’re looking for. Filter by sector, region, or year.

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Give feedback on projects by rating them or leaving comments.

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Help locate projects by pinning them on a map, and report discrepancies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who made this?

Budget Badger was built by Daniel Fordan, Pepe Bawagan, Philip Cheang, and Levi Tan Ong. Please follow us and all that. Kthnx.


Because transparency is good, silly. But seriously, Budget Badger was a product of the first #KabantayNgBayan hackathon, which made government budget data available. It's part of an initiative to make Open Data available across Philippine agencies.

The first version was built in 24 hours (ish), and won first place. (Yay!)

So do you guys work for the government?

No, but we believe strongly in engaging with government and doing our own small part to help out. It so happens that we like building apps and making pretty things.

If you'd like to see the data for yourself, or build your own apps that take advantage of this data, head on over to the Data.gov.ph portal.

What else do you guys do?

We're part of By Implication, an independent, award-winning software and game design studio.

Some of our cooler projects include Storylark (helping awesome local indie comics) and Sari Software (our partner-clients, building tech for sari-sari stores and micro-entrepreneurs.)

(Do you need a game, web platform, or mobile app built? Want to collaborate on a technology or design project? Just fancy a chat? ! :)

Are you guys going to build more open data / social good apps?

Hopefully. We're looking forward to more data sets and feeds to play with.

In the meantime, you can check out Sakay.ph (like Google Maps for commuting! It uses open data from DOTC, MMDA, etc.) and RollCall.ph (Side project by Levi + Pepe. Lets you visualize congress attendance data!)

There's something wrong with your app / I'd like to help out.

Please let us know! Alternatively, if you'd like to contribute by fixing bugs, reporting issues, or submitting patches — check out the project on GitHub.

If you want to run your own instance, please feel free! We just ask for attribution if you redistribute it, or maintain your own deployment.

I'd like to get in touch.

Sure! You can hit us up on Twitter or Facebook (see links above), or email us at .